Istanbul, Turkey
    $2.5 billion
    Healthcare Planning for one of the worlds largest hospitals

SHP support the  Governments’ development of hospitals in Turkey to create one of the worlds’ largest hospitals in Istanbul

For those of us that have worked in support of the NHS for as long as many of us have, we feel a sense of great pride of the manner in which each individual has responded to the current crisis and our heartfelt gratitude goes out to them.

It is not surprising the world wants to emulate what we have come to take for granted.

Since 2013 when SHP commenced providing its service to Turkey it has been passing on that knowledge and skills to many of the major healthcare facilities that have been developed in that country including new hospital developments at: Adana, Yozgat, Elazig, Mersin, Kocaeli, Bursa and Izmir.
And is now respected as being able to offer advice and guidance in all aspects of the healthcare environment.

Başakşehir Çam & Sakura Hospital in Istanbul opened to receive its first patient on 20 April 2020. This was a significant success for the Ministry of Health in Turkey as they had awarded the delivery of ‘one of the largest hospitals in the world’, to Rönesans in 2015.

It was an example of the experience of the PPP processes that UK consultants steeped in the knowledge of the NHS and operational working of hospitals can bring to new markets.

Since 2014 SHP were engaged to provide healthcare planning support to ensure that the outcome reflected the needs of the hospital as part of the nation’s health strategy.  SHP’s input included the development of Models of Care, schedules of accommodation, master planning, concept and scheme design in collaboration with a team from Turkey and the USA.

One of the parallel services that SHP provided was in liaison with the Rönesans team and assisted with the specification of the FM services.

The new hospital, at nearly twice the size of equivalent hospitals in the UK at over 1 million  sq.m., and 2682 beds, was also designed with sufficient flexibility to assist with the needs brought about by the coronavirus pandemic by the provision of the largest critical care facility in Europe.

At the opening, the President and Minister of Health expressed their pride at being able to present the hospital to the Turkish nation.

This is now our sixth hospital in Turkey to become operational in so short a time. SHP is currently preparing to assist the various teams in Turkey with the next phase of the country’s health program. It is further demonstration of SHP’s ongoing commitment to the promotion of the NHS overseas.