Rönesans Holding
    Yozgat Province, Turkey
    $380 million
    PPP Procured Acute Hospital

The first of the “City Hospital” projects opened under the Turkish Ministry of Health Public Private Partnership (PPP) initiative.

Strategic Healthcare Planning worked with Rönesans, supported them with a number of hospital construction projects to ensure the Turkish PPP hospitals within their portfolio achieve standards of excellence in healthcare.

Yozgat Education and Research Hospital covers an area of 128,118 m2 and has a bed capacity of 475 and meets the health care needs of Yozgat province and the surrounding residency areas providing the following; 393 Acute beds, a 33 bedded Intensive Care Unit, an 18 bedded patient preparation and 18 bedded recovery Surgery suite, 15 Operating Rooms (2 for Day Surgery), Diagnostic Therapy & Treatment services delivered from 113 Polyclinic rooms, an 8 bedded Labour/Delivery/Recovery/Postpartum suite, a 27 cot Newborn Intensive Care Unit, a 20 place Dialysis Unit, 8 bedded Prisoner Unit, a 10 chair Chemotherapy Unit, a 2 suite Angiography Unit, a Physiotherapy Centre, Nuclear Medicine Unit and a Radiology Department

SHP Roles and Responsibilities

SHP’s role has been to advise and support the client, including their architectural team by undertaking a full and detailed review of architectural drawings at 1:500 and 1:200; reviewing models of care and providing a full suite of reports detailing findings; evidence-based information was provided to enable the client to seek Ministry of Health approval to any proposed changes to the Project Brief. SHP created Room Data Sheets for standard rooms and undertook a full facilities management review of the scheme to include flows and accommodation requirements. SHP were pleased to engage and help facilitate workshops and presentations held in Ankara to support the clients procurement programme.