Gama Türkerler
    Ankara, Turkey
    Under Construction
    PPP Procured Health Campus

Izmir, Bayraklı Integrated Health Campus demonstrates new models of care and sustainable healthcare developments

Izmir, Bayraklı Integrated Health Campus is part of the Turkish Ministry of Health Public Private Partnership (PPP) initiative to serve the Izmir province and surrounding residency areas. SHP has supported Gama-Türkerler as their healthcare planning advisors.

The Hospital will improve the quality of healthcare services and the number of beds by constructing a new healthcare facility in İzmir. 

The Project comprises of an Integrated Health Campus with a total capacity of 2,060 beds consisting of 4 hospitals covering an area of 633,000 m2. The Main Hospital comprises of 1,660 beds across all specialties, the Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Hospital has 300 beds and the High Security Criminal Psychiatric Hospital has 100 beds. The Main Hospital consists of three patient tower blocks surrounding a common core for its specialist accommodation and provides a 141 bedded Oncology Hospital, a 380 bedded Cardiology and Cardiovascular Hospital, a 424 bedded Women’s/Maternity & Paediatrics Hospital and a 715 bedded General Hospital.

SHP Roles and Responsibilities

SHP were commissioned by GamaTürkerler to provide strategic advice to deliver the hospital development, support design development, provide FM operational strategy and procurement advice. 

SHP undertook user Consultation with the Ministry of Health in Turkey including the development / agreement of the clinical design brief and SoA management.

SHP supported Gama-Türkerler and their design team by undertaking a full and detailed review of architectural drawings, reviewing models of care, providing a full suite of reports detailing findings.  SHP also supported the O&M Team with the Facilities Management Planning review, tender documents preparation and service provider selections.