Gama Türkerler
    Ankara, Turkey
    Under Construction
    PPP Procured Health Campus

Kocaeli Integrated Health Campus brings a range of world-leading medical technologies and services.

Gama-Türkerler are a major contracting organisation within Turkey who contacted SHP to benefit from our knowledge and PPP experience.  After holding several workshops, we were appointed to support Gama-Türkerler to deliver two of their PPP projects in Turkey by ensuring the ongoing design of the campus not only fulfils the Ministry of Health brief, but becomes an outstanding patient focussed centre of care.  This was one of the 22 major hospital projects which we have been involved in Turkey. 

The Project comprises of an Integrated Health Campus with a total capacity of 1,218 beds consisting of 4 hospitals covering an area of 388,585 m2. The Main Hospital comprises of 1,018 beds across all specialties, the Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Hospital has 100 beds and the High Security Criminal Psychiatric Hospital has 100 beds. The Main Hospital consists of two patient tower blocks surrounding a common core for its specialist accommodation and provides a 116 bedded Oncology Hospital, a 124 bedded Cardiology and Cardiovascular Hospital, a 246 bedded Women’s/Maternity & Paediatrics Hospital and a 532 bedded General Hospital

SHP Roles and Responsibilities

SHP had the responsibility of making sure on behalf of Gama-Türkerler that the hospital will work, ensured the design worked ergonomically, the rooms were right spaces and in the right places and ensured the design responded to the manner in which the services were going to be provided.

SHP acted as Healthcare Planners for the project and provided a team to work together with the design & O&M teams to ensure that an appropriate understanding of the clinical models was incorporated into the design, detailed review of architectural drawings, reviewing models of care, providing a full suite of reports detailing findings and also undertook to support the O&M team with Facility Management Planning, tender document preparation and service provider selection. 

SHP generated evidence-based information to enable the client to seek Ministry of Health approval to proposed changes to the Project Brief. The revalidation process provided a full facilities management review of the scheme including flows and accommodation to create a detailed report of findings and recommendations.