We are a team of specialist healthcare planners with unrivalled experience and expertise in the planning and development of healthcare services and facilities. Our experience is founded on many years of work with a wide range of clients exclusively within the healthcare and related sectors. Our knowledge enables us to challenge, share, innovate and encourage best practice in the development of new services and facilities to support the ever changing and health caring environment.


25 years in the planning

2021 marked a very special year for SHP as we celebrated our 25th anniversary. Whilst reflecting on our success and all the people who have made it possible, we will be continuing to promote the broad understanding and capability we have gained since we began in January 1996: Our clients will benefit from the knowledge and experience that we have acquired, and continue to offer, as we expand and plan for the future.

Our Approach Practiced, Proficient, Professional

Our clients benefit from receiving a bespoke and tailored scope of services that is specific to their needs and vision, made possible by the collective skills mix we are able to assemble – both in-house and via our established group of associates. This ‘build-a-team’ approach has proved extremely successful and enables us to offer a diverse and collaborative range of creative responses.

Inherent in our way of thinking and working is firstly the need to empathise with, and understand the client’s requirements in order to articulate and realise what is feasible and viable, the second is to develop appropriate and affordable proposals with the proper understanding of both the clinical processes and the procurement options. The overarching obligation upon everyone at SHP is the need to communicate clearly at every step of the way.

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Estates Strategies
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Bidder Support
Healthcare Architecture
Client Advisor Support

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